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Alex Gerberick - Marketing '17

Hey guys, I'm Alex! I started out as an exploratory major, but soon found my passions lie in marketing. When I’m not in class or at my internship, you’ll probably find me relaxing at my apartment, or searching for the best tacos in Stockton. As a seasoned Tiger, I’ll be your go to when it comes to tips and tricks for being away from home, questions about campus culture, and getting around Stockton.

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Eric Orosco - English '17

Hi there, I'm Eric and I transferred to Pacific last year. This past semester has been a fun whirlwind for me. I had a job, acted in a school play, and directed a student film. Between gigs, I’m usually at home in the Townhouse apartments attempting a new recipe or playing board games with friends. If you have questions about the arts at Pacific, getting involved on campus, or time management hacks, I’m your guy! 

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LJ Lombardo - Graphic Design '20

This is my first year at University of the Pacific and I’m a Pacific Humanities Scholars. You'll usually find me in the art studio, but I also love making Snapchat movies and video games. That’s why I decided to pursue graphic design for my major. Consider me your inside source to what it’s like living in the residence halls, fighting off the “freshman fifteen”, and dealing with your GEs.

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