7 Apps Every College Student Needs


Helpfulness aside, the best thing about these apps is they are free. You can thank me later. Or now.

Photos courtesy of Quizlet.

Photos courtesy of Quizlet.

1. Quizlet

I use Quizlet to create flashcards for when I’m on the go. The share feature is great for group study sessions, and I like that I don’t have to keep track of a whole deck of notecards. It’s also cool because if my roommate goes to sleep I can study for a while longer with the lights out before I catch some z’s too.

2. Lyft or Uber

This is by far the safest and most efficient way to get around town if you don’t have a car. Both services offer discounts when you join, and both operate 24/7. Did someone say Taco Bell at 2 am?

3. Venmo

Skip the headache of trying to split a tab, or the embarrassment of not having cash by downloading Venmo. Venmo lets you securely send money to friends with no added fees. The money you receive can then be transferred into your bank account usually within 2 days.

4. Tapingo

Photos courtsey of Tapingo

Photos courtsey of Tapingo

Grab a coffee on the way to your 8 am class without the wait. Tapingo connects to your meal plan, Pacific cash, or whatever debit or credit card you please and allows you to pre-order food from both on and off campus dining spots. It’s so nifty that you receive a text when it’s ready for pick up. Tapingo also offers a few delivery options from local hotspots including Chipotle. This is a fairly new feature which I’m very upset didn’t exist when I was a freshman.

5. Canvas

Check upcoming assignments (and your grades if you reallyyyy want to know) with this app. Canvas is your one stop spot for all things considering class. This app is a must for staying on top of your classwork.

Photos courtesy of Pacific Card 

Photos courtesy of Pacific Card 


6. Pacific Card

Download the Pacific Card app to add money for laundry, food, and books. You can also check your balance to budget your meals and keep track of your spending habits. Add them on Instagram too cause they're always on point. 

7. Office Lens

Boy do I wish I knew about this app sooner. Take a photo of a whiteboard, receipt, or piece of paper and your phone will instantly keep the information and discard the background noise. This is perfect for grabbing notes from a friend, or snapping a quick pic of an assignment your professor is projecting on the board. 

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